Thursday, June 12, 2014

Data Virtualization with Docker Workshop at APAC Tech Exchange - Day 2

This week was an awesome week at the Red Hat APAC Tech Exchange.  More details are at  One of my sessions for Day 2 was a 2 hour workshop on Data Virtualization which includes using Docker.  It is hands on so take a look and give us some feedback so we can improve the workshop.  Read through the presentation and then get started with the DVWorkshop located on github.  Send me an email or contact me on IRC at kpeeples.

Lab 1: Install and start the JBoss Data Virtualization Server
Lab 2: Install the tools and connect JBDS to the JBoss Data Virtualization Server
Lab 3: Create a project and Import Data Source
Lab 4: Create a Virtual Base Layer (VBL)
Lab 5: Create an Enterprise Data Layer
Lab 6: Create a Data Federation Layer
Lab 7: Create a Web Service
Lab 8: Virtual DataBase Deployment
Lab 9: Accessing Data Federation Layer through OData