Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get started with Red Hat JBoss Fuse

Get started with Red Hat JBoss Fuse

We finished up our JBoss Fuse Webinar, "Getting Started with Red Hat JBoss Fuse", on Tuesday.   The summary is below as well as the video.


On Demand Video:

Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse is a small-footprint, flexible enterprise service bus (ESB) and messaging platform that integrates applications and data. Join our webinar to learn about the features of Red Hat JBoss Fuse and view a demonstration of its capabilities.

During this session, we will discuss the product launch for Red Hat JBoss Fuse, new features, and the impact of the updates to existing JBoss Fuse customers. Additionally, we will walk through a demonstration of a Red Hat JBoss Fuse enterprise integration pattern quickstart.
Combine enterprise integration patterns to solve integration problems
We will demonstrate how to combine multiple enterprise integration patterns (EIP) to solve integration problems. Attend this webinar and learn how to:
  • Define a Camel route using the Blueprint XML syntax.
  • Build and deploy a Fuse Application Bundle (FAB).
  • Combine multiple enterprise integration patterns (Wiretap, Splitter, Recipient List and Filter) to create an integration solution.
  • Define and use a bean to process a message.
  • Use a 'direct:' endpoint to link multiple smaller routes together.