Friday, June 28, 2013

Webinar on JBoss A-MQ High Availability

We are planning to do the following webinar on JBoss A-MQ High Availability on July 16th. (registration for live webinar and on demand after at

Title: Deploying JBoss A-MQ in a High Availability (HA) environment
Speaker: Kenny Peeples, Scott Cranton, Jack Britton
The possibility of catastrophic failures such as network failures, power outages, etc should be taken into account when building a production environment so that applications will be continuously available. If a broker fails due to these catastrophic events then messages cannot be delivered until the broker restarts. Additionally if non-persistent messaging is used and a broker fails then message loss can occur.

JBoss A-MQ achieves high availability (HA) through clustering to enable continuous operation.  The JBoss A-MQ HA deployments are known as master/slave which means one broker has the role of the master and there are one or more slave brokers that wait for the failure of the master, at which point one will take over to become the new master.  The JBoss A-MQ clients automatically switch from the failed master to the new master.  We will go further into these concepts in the webinar so that you can create a JBoss A-MQ HA environment.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

-JBoss A-MQ HA Concepts
-How to deploy complex A-MQ Networks
-How to use a fabric-based network of brokers

A demonstration during the webinar will show how to configure, deploy and test a fabric-based network of fault-tolerant (master/slave) brokers.  You will see how a failure of an active broker will not impact continued message flow.