Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fuse Service Works Governance

With the Release of Fuse Service Works v6 Beta, SOA Governance is now included in the JBoss SOA Platform through the Overlord Project.  Three main components are in FSW Governance:

Design Time Governance - This component provides the capability to manage the lifecycle of systems from inception through deployment through subsequent change management. A flexible workflow driven approach is used to enable organizations to customize governance to fit the way they work.  A good article from Kurt Stam, Bleeding Edge Governance - Getting Started

Run Time Governance (was BAM) - This component provides the infrastructure to capture service activity information and then correlate, analyse and finally present the information in a form that can be used by a business to police Business/Service Level Agreements, and optimize their business.  A good video by Gary Brown,  Introducing RTGov 

S-RAMP - "The SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol (S-RAMP) TC defines a common data model for SOA repositories as well as an interaction protocol to facilitate the use of common tooling and sharing of data." This component provides a reference implementation for this standard.  A good video by Eric Wittmann,  
SRAMP-101: Everything you ever wanted to know about S-RAMP but were afraid to ask