Friday, December 27, 2013

The year in review

I have thoroughly enjoyed this past year in the Red Hat JBoss Middleware Business Unit.   I have worked with wonderful people and great products.  I continue to be amazed at the quality of software and the knowledge of the people that work in the community as well as Red Hat.  I know this coming year will be even better!

I wanted to highlight some accomplishments from 2013:

Red Hat JBoss Developer Program
The developer program allows developers to download Red Hat Enterprise Products to try in development without paying subscriptions.  Each middleware product is located on the product page at  A green download now button allows downloading of the latest version of each product.  The information button allows more information on an individual product including blogs, videos and articles.   Of course installing in a production environment requires a subscription.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse and A-MQ
Red Hat acquired Fusesource in 2012.  This year, Red Hat JBoss Fuse and A-MQ 6.0 GA was released.  Also Fuse and A-MQ 6.1 Alpha was released.  Fuse is a small footprint, flexible, open source ESB and A-MQ is a small footprint, high performance, open source messaging platform.  Fuse is based on the community projects Apache CXF, Apache Camel, Apache Karaf and Apache ActiveMQ.  A-MQ is based on the community projects Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Karaf.   Both are available from the product pages:
Fuse -
A-MQ -

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization
Red Hat JBoss Data Services Platform was changed to Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization and v6 Beta was released.  Data Virtualization is based on the community projects Teiid, Teiid Designer and Modeshape.  JBoss Data Virtualization is complete data provisioning, federation, integration and management solution that access and transforms data from one or more heterogeneous sources into logical, business-friendly data models and easily consumed through standard mechanisms.  See more detailed information at

Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works
Red HatHat JBoss Fuse Service Works is the new comprehensive SOA Solution for application integration, messaging, SOA, and service governance requirements.  v6 Beta was released and is based on the community projects Overlord, Switchyard, Apache CXF, Apache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ.   See more detailed information at