Monday, May 5, 2014

Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works Workshop - Part 2 Lab Introduction

Our Fuse Service Works workshop continues this week.  The workshop is designed to get you started quickly and easily on a project with Fuse Service Works.  We will go through the concepts and components of Service Component Architecture, Service Lifecycle Management and Business Transaction Monitoring.

Today we will go through an introduction of the labs that are in the series.

The workshop series will be split into five postings and will concentrate on creating the switchyard application, moving the deployment through Service Lifecycle Management from development through production and monitoring the services through the Business Activity Monitoring.   The Home Loan Application will be our application that we will use during the series.  Now onto Part 2 of the Fuse Service Works Workshop.

Overview of the workshop
  • Part 1 - Environment Setup 
  • Part 2 - Lab Introduction (This week)
  • Part 3 - Lab 1 Switchyard
    • Get familiar with the development environment
    • Application design and implementation
    • Hands on experience with important SwitchYard principles
  • Part 4 - Lab 2 Service Lifecycle Management
    • Gain experience with service governance workflows in Fuse Service Works
    • Become familiar with the Design-Time Governance and S-RAMP consoles
    • Manage a service through the dev, qa, stage, and production tasks
    • Learn Service Lifecycle Management principles
  • Part 5 - Lab 3 Business Activity Monitoring
    • Gain experience with Runtime Governance capabilities in Fuse Service Works
    • Become familiar with Service Activity Monitoring and reporting
    • Become familiar with Policy Enforcement
Lab Keys

During the lab we will use some guides to help move you through the labs.

 First the TODO guide will give you a task list for  you to follow during the lab series.  When you see  one of these make sure to follow the steps in order  to complete the lab with success.

Next is the FYI Guide which will provide you more background on a given step in the lab, a certain configuration, concept or code snippets.  These will help give you more information and detail about what is happening while moving through the labs.

Below is an example of what you will see during the series.  

Gotchas during the lab series

First Gotcha -

You will see errors/warnings when you open up the lab1 project.  FEAR NOT!!!  These errors exist because the project is not complete.  When you follow the lab steps the errors will be resolved and worls domination is within your grasp!

Second Gotcha - 

Browsing for an interface will have a slight lag as the editor searches the maven repository.  This will happen once at the beginning of the lab and you shouldn't see it again the rest of the lab.  When this is done you will be able to search for interfaces by entering text.

Third Gotcha - 

Fourth Gotcha -

When deploying the application to the design-time repository you will see an exception in the server log related to SMTP.  This can be safely ignored as SMTP and a email account are not configured during the lab.

It's GO Time!!
Now on to Lab 1 Switchyard 
for Part 3 of our series