Monday, July 28, 2014

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ IoT Platform

DZone has released the July 2014 Guide to the Internet of Things which you can find at Red Hat JBoss A-MQ is featured in the guide and the Profile is located at The profile page also allows comparison of related products such as WSO2, Mulesoft, etc.

IoT Application Use Cases:
1. Transportation
2. Smart Service Sector/Retail
3. Smart Grid/City/Utilities
4. Smart Supply Chain/Manufacturing
5. Medical
6. Environmental
7. Home Automation/Smart Home
8. Wearables

Problem Spaces Addressed:
1. Connectivity for Anything
2. Web of Things
3. Reasoning over Data (Analytics)
4. Semantic Execution Environments
5. Semantic Technologies
6. IP for Smart Objects
7. Wireless Sensors and Actuators
8. Spimes (Things that keep a history of their relationship to space and time)
9. Smart Semantic Middleware
10. WISP
11. Smart Items
12. UID
13. RFID