Thursday, September 11, 2014

Evolving your data into a strategic asset with Hortonworks and JBoss

This week we had the Discover Red Hat and Apache Hadoop for the Modern Data Architecture – Part 2 webinar.  I wanted to share the overview along with the demo videos.   The replay of the webinar is here.  The full slide deck is here.  The Hortonworks and Red Hat partner landing page is here.   The source code, supporting files and how to guide are here.  The part 2 webinar contains 2 use cases that utilize the Hortonworks Data Platform and JBoss Data Virtualization.

Use Case 1 combines sentiment data from Hadoop with data from traditional relational sources.

Determine if sentiment data from the first week of the Iron Man 3 movie is a predictor of sales
Cannot utilize social data and sentiment analysis with sales management system
Leverage JBoss Data Virtualization to mashup Sentiment analysis data with ticket and merchandise sales data on MySQL into a single view of the data.

Use Case 2 revolves around geographically distributed hadoop clusters with Data Virtualization securing data by user role.  Use Case 2 combines data from 2 Hortonworks sandboxes.

Secure data according to Role for row level security and Column Masking
Cannot hide region data from region specific users
Leverage JBoss Data Virtualization to provide Row Level Security and Masking of columns

The walk through the demos are below for both Use Cases. There are 4 videos, 2 for each Use Case which cover the setup/configuration and then running the demo.

Use Case 1 Configuration and Running

Use Case 2 Configuration and Running