Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting started with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ 6.1

Join Scott Cranton for the JBoss A-MQ 6.1 Getting Started Webinar.  Register at;F:QS!10100&ShowKey=18005&AffiliateData=kennyblog

See the abstract below.

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ 6.1 contains new features and fixes including full support for Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP 1.0) and the hawtio web console. With the new capabilities JBoss A-MQ can be used as a robust foundation to enable "Intelligent systems" or "Internet of things".

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the new features and more detail on AMQP and hawtio, including:
*A brief overview of Red Hat JBoss Fuse and Red Hat JBoss A-MQ 6.1’s new features and fixes.
*How to use AMQP and hawtio with JBoss A-MQ 6.1.
*Possible use cases for AMQP in A-MQ 6.1.
*A demo of AMQP and hawtio with JBoss A-MQ 6.1.

JBoss A-MQ supports multiple open wire-level protocols such as OpenWire and MQTT, as well as AMQP 1.0 for client to message broker communication.

Hawtio is a pluggable Java™ management console that supports any kind of JVM, any kind of container, and and kind of Java technology and middleware. Implemented completely within hawtio, the JBoss Fuse management console allows changing, upgrading, and visualizing flows in JBoss A-MQ.

Speaker: Scott Cranton, Senior Manager, Solution Architect, Red Hat
Scott Cranton is a veteran in the enterprise software field with more than 22 years experience in various roles from creating to selling. He has been a software developer, architect, consultant, product manager, and sales engineer. Scott has worked with many Fortune 100 enterprises in various industries, including telecommunications, capital markets, and insurance.