Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Singapore Knowledge Sharing for Data Virtualization

Yesterday we had a great time discussing and using Data Virtualization v6 in Singapore.  Working on more demos.  Our day is described below.

Syed Rasheed went through the Data Virtualization Overview.  Then Rich Naszcyniec gave the Competitive Overview.  Then we reviewed some Use Cases shown below.

Then we covered the initial 4 modules.  The additional ones were for homework.
Overview Module (Data Virtualization v6 Enablement.pdf)
Module 1 - Getting Started with Installation and (Configuration Data Virtualization v6 Enablement - Module 1.pdf)
Module 2 - Data Source Modeling (Data Virtualization v6 Enablement - Module 2.pdf)
Module 3 - Creating and Testing VDBs  (Data Virtualization v6 Enablement - Module 3.pdf)
Module 4 - Web Console and Dashboard (Data Virtualization v6 Enablement - Module 4.pdf)
Module 5 - OData
Producing and Consuming OData in Teiid and Teiid Designer.odt in documentation/articles and https://community.jboss.org/wiki/ProducingAndConsumingODataInTeiidAndTeiidDesigner
Module 6 - Big Data with DV and Hortonworks Data Platform
Module 7 - Using JDG as a source
Link to quick start code in github: https://github.com/teiid/teiid-quickstarts
Module 8 - Using ODBC
Module 9 - Home Loan Demo
Module 10 - Data Virtualization in Openshift
TeiidOnOpenShiftDemo-Part1-4 in documentation/articles
Module 11 - Caching
Teiid Caching Guide in Documentation/articles