Monday, February 24, 2014

Devnexus in Atlanta

I am at Devnexus today and tomorrow in Atlanta, GA at the Cobb Galleria.  Red Hat is a Silver Sponsor this year.   I am at the booth spreading Check out the site at:

We have 2 Red Hat speakers at Devnexus:

Steve Pousty, Developer Evangelist - Deploy and Develop your Application in a PaaS: 0 to Awesome in 3 minutes
In this session, we give an introduction to Platform as a Service (aka awesome-sauce for developers) with OpenShift as an example. You will get a chance to see why PaaS is one of the most important trends to affect the application development process. After a few slides on PaaS, we will spend the rest of the time working with code! First we will bring up Tomcat 7 and MySQL with one command. Then you to get your own JEE6 with JBoss EAP code up and running. We will show you how easy it is to bring in dependencies and deploy your code. We will also demonstrate how to connect your code to a MongoDB back-end data store. We will also have you merge in some of the Github quickstarts we have assembled - including JEE6 with Mongo Spatial. There are two goals of this session:
1) To leave knowing why you should start using a PaaS for your development work
2) Leave with first hand knowledge on how to run your Java code in the cloud for free!
Grant Shipley, Lead Evangelist for OpenShift - Full Stack JavaScript
Grant Shipley will demonstrate how to develop iPhone and Android apps with MongoDB backends for the cloud. Let’s skip having to learn three different languages and jumpstart the development process using what you already know. We will start with developing a native mobile application using only javascript. Next, we’ll deploy our app to the cloud using node.js and explore a few tips and tricks for managing the MongoDB backend.