Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fuse Service Works v6 is GA!

We are very happy to announce the general availability of JBoss Fuse Service Works (FSW) v6.  It is documented and available for download on the customer support portal [1] [2] in all regions and for all channels.

JBoss Fuse Service Works is the next generation of JBoss SOA-Platform, building on the same core ESB components in JBoss Fuse, adding support for governance and automation and an EE container.

Running on EAP it offers a feature-rich developer platform for integration and service development (Camel and Switchyard).  In addition to core integration capabilities it includes service activity monitoring and policy enforcement (OverlordRTGov), a human workflow enabled repository (Overlord DTGov & S-RAMP), business rules execution (JBoss Drools) and service choreography (jBPM and Riftsaw BPEL).  Operational management is provided via JBoss Operations Network.  Developer tooling is available as a set of components for JBoss Developer Studio [3]

The benefits of using Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works include the following:

Enterprise Integration Pattern (EIP) Based Development
The versatile EIP framework is implemented in routing and transformation processes for faster and more efficient integration solutions.

High Performance Messaging
A high performance messaging broker supports messaging patterns such as publish-subscribe, point-to-point and store-forward, and multiple cross language clients.

Service Development
The web services framework exposes integration assets as services and calls external services, supporting all major web services standards. It also supports RESTful calls.

Structured Service Development
A lightweight service development framework provides full lifecycle support for developing, deploying, and managing service-based applications.

Automatable Registry with Workflow
Manage the lifecycle of services from design, development and deployment by defining, exposing and enforcing rules or policies.

Business Transaction Monitoring
Capture service activity information, define and collect metrics, and define alerts and SLAs.

[1] http://red.ht/1kf51Oq
[2] http://red.ht/1ejzLMO
[3] http://bit.ly/1fB0SkY