Friday, March 21, 2014

Client API's with A-MQ 6.1 Webinar

Please watch for the registration link for the April 23 11am EST Webinar-

Title: Getting Started with A-MQ 6.1 and Client APIs

JBoss A-MQ is a high performance, flexible, cost-effective messaging platform
that delivers information safely and reliably with a small footprint.
Multi-protocol support (JMS 1.1, TCP, SSL, STOMP, NMS) and multi-client
support (Java, C, C++) enables real-time messaging with all enterprise
assets.  Red Hat JBoss A-MQ clients can connect to a broker using a variety
of transports and APIs. The connections are highly configurable and can be
tuned for the majority of use cases.  Join us as we explore the use cases and
using different JBoss A-MQ clients including AMQP JMS, C++ and .NET as well
as the REST API.

Join Kenneth Peeples, Red Hat Technical Marketing Manager, for his webinar

-An introduction JBoss A-MQ 6.1
-An introduction to JBoss A-MQ Client APIs
-A demonstration of using the the different client APIs including the Qpid
JMS Client API