Monday, March 10, 2014

DevNation coming up in April

I am excited to be at DevNation and Summit in San Francisco April 13-17 this year.  Alot of things are happening at both events that are co-located in San Francisco.

DevNation -

Summit -

There are so many labs, presentations, panels, etc at both Conferences.  In this blog I wanted to highlight 3 sessions, two around Fuse and OpenShift and one around the Internet of Things which are at DevNation..

Sunday 4/13 1:00-1:50pm
Integration PaaS: Continuous Integration with Fabric8 and OpenShift - Rob Davies & James Strachan (Room 236)
The Platform as a Service (PaaS) space is rapidly evolving, with many categories for middleware capabilites to add functionality, from aPaaS, to bpmPaaS to iPaaS, this talk will introduce the concept of xPaaS that lays the ground work for integrating all these services. Underpinning xPaaS is fabric8, which is being used to provide both independence from the underlying IaaS and PaaS layers, and also features to enable continous deployment into production.

Monday 2:45-3:45Integrating the Internet of Things - Sameer Parulkar & Jack Britton (Room 208)The Internet has become a medium to connect people, share information, find solutions, and report problems. With the advancement and availability of smart devices, the Internet will evolve to the Internet of Things—billions of interconnected smart devices and machines measuring, collecting, analyzing, monitoring, and sharing useful information. Join this session to learn how this information can be integrated with existing enterprise systems to make smarter decisions and build smarter solutions. You’ll learn how to use the capabilities available in Red Hat JBoss A-MQ to reliably collect this smart data in real-time, and the smart data can be integrated with existing enterprise systems using Red Hat JBoss Middleware.

Wednesday 4/16 1:20 p.m.-2:20 p.m.Using Red Hat JBoss Fuse on OpenShift - Jack Britton, Kenny Peeples (Room 208)OpenShift Online automates the provisioning, management, and scaling of applications so that you can focus on development and creativity. The newly created Red Hat JBoss Fuse 6.1 cartridge allows you to use Fuse and Fuse Fabric in the OpenShift Online public cloud. JBoss Fuse provides a full-featured, easy-to-use and intuitive framework for integration with extensive connectivity options to external applications.Join us to see how to use Fuse and Fuse Fabric in OpenShift online. In this session, you’ll learn:
  • How to install the Fuse cartridge.
  • How to access and use the Fuse Management Console.
  • How to deploy and test a Fuse bundle.