Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Integration intervention: Get your apps and data up to speed

We completed the 3rd webinar in our Beyond Big Data Webinar Series.  Our webinar concentrated on the Enterprise Service Bus with Fuse and the Data Bus with Data Virtualization.  I have included the presentation as well as the link to listen on demand.

Webinar #3: Integration intervention: Get your apps and data up to speed

SOA has been the defacto methodology for enterprise application and process integration, because loosely coupled components and composite applications are more agile and efficient. The perfect solution? Not quite.

The data’s always been the problem. The most efficient and agile applications and services can be dragged down by the point-to-point data connections of a traditional data integration stack. Virtualized data services can eliminate the friction and get your applications up to speed.

In this webinar we'll show you how to:
  • Quickly and easily create a virtual data services layer to plug data into your SOA infrastructure for an agile and efficient solution
  • Derive more business value from your services.

Webinar #3 from opensourcementor

Data Integration Webinar Series

Information is power. It gives your organization the competitive edge it needs to win. But, with so much data and so little time, how do you leverage all this data to actually yield valuable business insights?

Big data solutions are a great start. But what about being able to easily access the right data, at the right time?

Watch the webinar series to learn how to overcome challenges of big data, data bottlenecks, and data integration. Topics in this 5-part series are:
  • Implementing a data strategy and architecture to avoid data problems
  • Delivering data-rich user experiences with high performance and scalability
  • How to quickly and easily create a virtual data services layer
  • Analytics based decision making
  • Avoiding Hadoop data silos
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