Monday, November 3, 2014

JBoss Docker Github Organization

I wanted to share the JBoss Docker Microsite this week as well as the JBoss Docker Organization which contains Dockerfiles that can be used to build Docker images with JBoss Community projects.  The repository has been moved to the github organization for better management.

The Docker project revolutionizes thinking about software delivery making it easy to build and share images that include your content. We at JBoss love the idea behind Docker and ship images for our projects. Just for you.

We publish our images under the official jboss organization. Every image is built from Dockerfiles available in our GitHub repository. To keep them up to date we have automated builds that track the source and rebuild images (only) if necessary. Additionally, images are linked to each other: If an image we’re base on is modified, we rebuild our image to provide you the fresh image that you deserve.

You can find the following docker files on github with more being added:

  1. aerogear
  2. immutant
  3. keycloak
  4. liveoak
  5. modeshape
  6. nodyn
  7. switchyard
  8. torquebox
  9. wildfly
We have add a couple of Product Docker Files as well:
  1. Fuse Service Works
  2. Data Virtualization

Find the JBoss Docker Microsite at

Find the JBoss Docker Organization at

You can send an email with questions or comments to [email protected].