Monday, April 13, 2015

Data Virtualization 6.1 Getting Started Videos

Last Month JBoss Data Virtualization 6.1 was released.  It is a released packed with goodness around three major areas: Big Data, Cloud and Development/Deployment Improvements.  To get you started with an initial JDV video series, Blaine Mincey, Senior Solutions Architect, walks you through a "Soups to Nuts" 3 part series.  Look for more videos soon.  I have also included some new features and links on JDV below.

Getting Started Part 1 - Installing JDV and configuring JBDS with JDV and the Teiid Designer components

Getting Started Part 2 - Creates a Teiid project and creates a relational model from an XML file

Getting Started Part 3 - Project created in Part 2 and deploys that to the JDV server and then accesses the VDB from a Java application using the Teiid JDBC driver

JDV 6.1 Overview

JDV 6.1 GA is available for download from
- at
- Customer Portal at

JDV 6.1 Documentation is available at

JDV 6.1 WebUI (Developer Preview) is available for download at:

For JDV 6.1, we focused on three major areas:

• Big Data
• Cloud
• Development and Deployment Improvements

with the following new features and enhancements


- Cloudera Impala
In addition to the Apache Hive support released in JDV 6.0, JDV 6.1 also supports Cloudera Impala for fast SQL query access to data stored in Hadoop. Support of Impala is aligned with our growing partnership with Cloudera that was announced in October.

- Apache Solr
New in JDV 6.1 is support for Apache Solr as a data source. With Apache Solr, JDV customers will be able to take advantage of enterprise search capabilities for organized retrieval of structured and unstructured data.

- MongoDB
Support for MongoDB as a NoSQL data source was released in Technical Preview in JDV 6.0 and is fully supported in JDV 6.1. Support of MongoDB brings support for a document-oriented NoSQL database to JDV customers.

- JDG 6.4
JDV 6.0 introduced Red Hat JBoss Data Grid (JDG) as a read datasource. We expand on this support in JDV 6.1, with the ability to perform richer queries as well as writes, on both Embedded caches (JDG Library mode) and Remote caches (over Hot Rod protocol).

- Apache Cassandra (Tech Preview)
Apache Cassandra will be released as a Technical Preview in JDV 6.1. Support of Apache Cassandra brings support for the popular columnar NoSQL database to JDV customers.


- OpenShift Online with new WebUI
We introduced JDV in OpenShift Online as Developer Preview with the JDV 6.0 release and have updated our Developer Preview cartridge for JDV 6.1. Also with JDV 6.1, we are adding a WebUI that focuses on ease of use for web and mobile developers. This lightweight user interface allows users to quickly access a library of existing data services, or create one of their own in a top-down manner. Getting Started instructions can be found here:

Note that the JDV WebUI is also available for use with JDV on premise as a Developer Preview and can be downloaded from at the link above.

With JDV 6.1 we improve support for the Bulk API with a more RESTful interface and better resource handling. The SFDC Bulk API is optimized for loading very large sets of data.

- Cloud Enablement
With JDV 6.1 we will have full support of JBoss Data Virtualization on Amazon EC2 and Google Compute Engine.


- Security audit log dashboard
Consistent centralized security capabilities across multiple heterogeneous data sources is a key value proposition for JDV. In JDV we add a security audit log dashboard that can be viewed in the dashboard builder which is included with JDV. The security audit log works with JDV’s RBAC feature and displays who has been accessing what data and when.

- Custom Translator improvements
JDV offers a large number of supported data sources out of box and also provides the capability for users to build their own custom translators. In JDV 6.1 we are providing features to improve usability including archetype templates that can be used to generate a starting maven project for custom development. When the project is created, it will contain the essential classes and resources to begin adding custom logic.

- Azul Zing JVM
JDV 6.1 will provide support for Azul Zing JVM. Azul Zing is optimized for Linux server deployments and designed for enterprise applications and workloads that require any combination of large memory, high transaction rates, low latency, consistent response times or high sustained throughput.

- MariaDB
JDV 6.1 will support MariaDB as a data source. MariaDB is the default implementation of MySQL in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL database project, and provides a replacement for MySQL. MariaDB preserves API and ABI compatibility with MySQL and adds several new features.

- Apache POI Connector for Excel
JDV has long supported Microsoft Excel as a data source. In JDV 6.1, we add support for the Apache POI connector that allows reading of Microsoft Excel documents on all platforms.

- Performance Improvements
We continue to invest in improved performance with every release of JDV. In JDV 6.1, we focused particularly on improving performance with dependent joins including greater control over full dependent join pushdown to the datasource(s).

- EAP 6.3
JDV 6.1 will be based on EAP 6.3 and take advantage of the new patching capabilities provided by EAP.

- Java 8
With JDV 6.1 we offer support for Java 8 in addition to Java 7 and Java 6.