Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Preview for providing your Data Services to Mobile and Node.js

Three easy steps to connect your Data Virtualization OData Service and your Feedhenry Mobile Node.js Cloud App.

STEP 1: Openshift Application

Create your free OpenShift user account - instructions here

Deploy the cartridge via the OpenShift Web Console . On the Applications tab, choose 'Add Application...' - then select the 'JBoss Data Virtualization 6' cartridge under the xPaaS section. Full installation instructions are provided.

Alternately, if you have the OpenShift command line tools installed, you can deploy the DataVirtualization cartridge via command line:

rhc app-create <myApp> jboss-dv-6.0.0 

When the installation completes, you will be presented with a list of generated users and passwords similar to the screencap below. Make sure you save them!
installation users

STEP 2: WebUI Data Services

Use the WebUI (thanks to Mark Drilling) to create a Mashup Data Service with MySQL and Salesforce.

STEP 3: Feedhenry Mobile Application

Create a Feedhenry AngularJS Hello World Quick start for a Client and Cloud App.

Then create the Request to the OData URL with Basic Authentication in Node.js in the Cloud App.

Then modify the Client App to display the data.

Quick Video Describing the project.

Data Virutalization Cartridge -