Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source applications

InfoWorld's top picks in open source business applications, enterprise integration, and middleware.  Published from the Bossie Awards by Andrew Oliver.  

Teiid is a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogeneous data stores. Currently a JBoss project, Teiid is backed by years of development from MetaMatrix and a long history of addressing the data access needs of the largest enterprise environments. I even see uses for Teiid in Hadoop and big data environments.
In essence, Teiid allows you to connect all of your data sources into a “virtual” mega data source. You can define caching semantics, transforms, and other “configuration not code” transforms to load from multiple data sources using plain old SQL, XQuery, or procedural queries.
Teiid is primarily accessible through JBDC and has built-in support for Web services. Red Hat sells Teiid as JBoss Data Virtualization.
-- Andrew C. Oliver