Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Learn Node through our introduction lab for Node.js and Mobility

Node.js, or Node, applications are event-driven, use a non-blocking I/O API and run asynchronously. Node is being used more and more with Mobile Application Development because of a fast growing Node ecosystem and the ability to use the same platform to develop server and mobile apps.  With our Node Lab you will learn the basics of Node and npm as well as essential skills for working with Node.  We will also show Node integration with Middleware products such as Data Virtualization and Fuse through a Node.js Cloud App in Red Hat Mobile.  In this lab, we will cover topics such as:

  • Node.js history and overview
  • Some of the basics of node such as asynchronous i/o and http 
  • How to use and create npm modules -The details of Scope, Scope Chains, Closures, and Garbage Collection 
  • How to create a Node.js Cloud App that makes a rest call with the request module