Friday, June 6, 2014

Clearing out the S-RAMP Repository

I have been asked this question a couple of times so I wanted to share a tip on Fuse Service Works.  S-RAMP is a SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol which is based on the OASIS Standard. S-RAMP is a part of the Governance Package in Fuse Service Works to store artifact content and meta-data.  The repository contains a Atom based REST API.  Design-Time Governance integrates with S-RAMP.

This tip is to assist you in your development environment.  At times while doing development and trying out Fuse Service Works you may want to clear the repository.

To clean the repository then stop Fuse Service Works and run the following commands which will remove all dtgov and s-ramp data, resetting the system to an 'empty' state:
 rm -rf standalone/tmp  
 rm -rf standalone/data/h2  
 rm -rf standalone/data/modeshape  
Doing this while trying S-RAMP/DTGov should work fine.  But if you are doing more with RTGov and Switchyard then the best solution is probably to follow these steps:
1:  Install FSW6  
2:  Make a backup of "standalone/data"  
3:  Start up EAP, play around, etc...  
4:  Stop EAP, delete "standalone/data", replace with backup from #2  
5:  Rinse and repeat  
This should help you clean out the repository while giving Fuse Service Works a try.  I also included a video from Eric Wittmann below that goes through S-RAMP in detail.