Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Red Hat Deepens Collaboration with SAP with Fuse, Data Virtualization and Fuse Service Works

Red Hat and SAP lead customers to solutions in the cloud or on premise, driving excellent performance, scalability, and reliability.

Red Hat and SAP have released a news press article on their collaboration. You can read more on this at


We wanted to extend that article and describe how the JBoss Middleware Products - Fuse, Fuse Service Works and Data Virtualization - can be used with SAP which illustrates the collaboration between the two companies and the solutions they provide. We have included a Presentation and Videos that go into this topic more in detail.

Data Virtualization and SAP
Data Virtualization can integrate with SAP in two ways:
  • Import an OData collection 
  • Import an entire OData service 

Also, Data Virtualization is an OData Consumer AND Producer. OData is:
  • Based on standards 
  • Database-like access to data 
  • ODBC for the Web 
  • No knowledge of SAP required 
  • REST-based Architecture 
    • Stateless 
  • OData v4 and OASIS Standard 
Fuse and SAP

Camel Netweaver Gateway Component

Camel 2.12 includes the SAP Netweaver Gateway component which is available in Fuse 6.1. The component uses the HTTP Transport and basic authentication. A SAP NetWeaver system account is required. The CamelNetWeaverCommand Mesasge Header is used by the producer which is mandatory.

The following dependency is required in the pom.xml:

<artifactId>camel-sap-netweaver</artifactId> <version>x.x.x</version>
<!-- use the same version as your Camel core version -->

See the example at


Camel JCo Component

The JCO Camel Component which is included with Fuse 6.1 can be used for inbound and outbound communication with SAP. The Camel JCo Component:
  • JCo3 Based OSGi Enabled Camel Component
  • Enables Camel Routes to invoke RFM and BAPIs
  • Enables SAP Code to Invoke Camel Routes
  • Supports SAP Transaction
Also the demonstration from the video in the references below illustrates a Flight Booking Scenario.

Which solution is right for me?

Use Data Virtualization with SAP NetWeaver Gateway or Enterprise Services when Data integration is needed.

Use the Fuse SAP Camel Netweaver Gateway Component when a ESB and/or Messaging is needed.

Use the Fuse SAP JCo Camel Component when 1) Direct access to SAP NetWeaver and 2) Do not have or want SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Fuse and SAP JCo Component Video
Fuse and SAP NW Gateway Blog
Summit 2014 Presentation covering Fuse, Data Virtualization, Fuse Service Works and SAP (Embedded below)
SAP NW Gateway Collection into DV Video http://vimeo.com/user16928011/dvandsapcollection
SAP NW Gateway Service into DV Video http://vimeo.com/user16928011/dvandsapservcice