Monday, March 16, 2015

Data Virtualization Web UI now released for Developer Preview

We are very happy to announce the Data Virtualization 6.1.0 WebUI for Developer Preview. An easy and simple way to create artifacts through a web interface and help be productive with DV in minutes. Once signing onto the WebUI you can create your Data Services and manage your Data Library. Watch for more Articles, Videos and Blogs for using the WebUI. The WebUI is a compliment to the Teiid Designer in the integration stack for Eclipse.

The steps to install the Data Virtualization WebUI are simple and they are listed below. 

Step 1: Download Data Virtualization 6.1.0 GA installer and the WebUI war from DV downloads

Step 2: After installing DV 6.1, give the teiidUser the odata and rest roles. The user must have these roles to access the rest and odata endpoints. The roles file is located at:


The teiid user will look like this: teiidUser=user,odata,rest 

Step 3: Copy the war to: 


Step 4: Open a browser and access the login page with username admin and password admin at


If you are interested in contributing you can find information at