Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Easy integration with JBoss Fuse Connectors

A Fuse Connector provides easy integration of your applications inside the Enterprise as well as externally by providing a uniform endpoint interface and acting as connectors to all other systems.   We have been working over the last couple of months to build examples of using the individual components that Apache Camel provides in JBoss Fuse.  We have created a Fuse Connector Page that describes each component and provides a Article with Source and Video.  After browsing to the connector page, click on a connector that you are interested in, such as salesforce or twitter.

A pop-up will provide the Connector description, the link to the Product documentation and links to a Article and Video which also includes source code.  We are continually adding more examples so check back if we have not yet updated a component that you are interested in.

Feel free to reach out to us on our blogs and twitter.

Christina Lin  @christina_wm
Kenneth Peeples  @ossmentor

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