Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Picketlink and Keycloak projects are merging!

Boleslaw Dawidowicz has written a blog with detail regarding Picketlink and Keycloak projects merging.  Check out his blog here and some excerpts are below.   A Knowledge Base article has also been published which is here.

Together with new PicketLink 2.7.0.Final release, we would like to announce that PicketLink and Keycloak projects will be merging their efforts. Code base of both will get unified and new features will be developed in a single place.

As part of this merge all key features of PicketLink will get included into Keycloak. Combining strengths of both projects and providing their communities a single polished and unified security solution. Joining both efforts should enable faster progress on new features which will be beneficial for all users and developers leveraging those solutions.

What you can expect happening during next few months?

  • Specific parts of PicketLink codebase being forked and merged into Keycloak. We are starting with PicketLink Federation / SAML. 
  • Inclusion or implementation of particular features will get discussed in public on theKeycloak project mailing list. We are looking forward for your participation there as we would like to hear your feedback on changes that we are doing. 
  • Web sites for both projects will get slightly changed to reflect new situation.
  • Many new cool features coming shortly!

Pedro Igor Silva - PicketLink Project Leader
Bill Burke and Stian Thorgersen - Keycloak Project Leaders
Bolesław Dawidowicz - Security Platform Architect at Red Hat.