Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting a S User ID for SAP Service Marketplace

A SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) S User ID is a unique number that SAP uses for identifying people on its web portals and databases.  The SAP Service Marketplace is the SAP portal for all its customers/partners with all the relevant information about their software, licenses, documentation, additional information, etc.  It is also required to register for SAP Certification.  The S User ID is very similar to other forms of authentication used by other companies, such as Apple with Apple ID, that gives access to Apple App Store, and Microsoft with Live ID, that gives access to Hotmail and other online services. We will be posting future blogs on using the SAP Java Connector and the S User is required to get a License for our cloud appliance demo system.  The S User is in the format of S followed by 10 digits.  There are three ways to get a S User.

1.  The first option one is to let your system administrator or Partner SPOC do it for you. You need to know who is the SAP Point of Contact for your company. Then, you can simply contact him or her to request them to create an S User ID for you.

2.  If you have no idea who the SAP administrator is for your company then you can register for an SAP S user ID by clicking the registration link in the upper right hand of SAP Service Marketplace home page or by following the link: Please note that the customer or installation number is required for those who want to register as customer and a partner number is required for those who want to register as an SAP partner.  In case you do not know customer or installation numbers that are required for option two, they can be requested through the SAP Customer Contact Us Page.

3.  Option three is suitable for those that want to register for SAP certification. During registration for SAP certification you will be assigned an SAP S User ID or will have an opportunity to create it.  If you register for certification offline (by phone or in the SAP center) you should ask the SAP representative about your S User ID.